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Restorative Healing with Dinah

Helping you heal your relationship with yourself and others.

My name is De'Nisha Beasley (Dinah), and I'm a licensed therapist here to guide you toward personal healing and healthier relationships with yourself and others. With over 17 years of experience as a mental health professional, I specialize in helping individuals navigate and heal from adverse childhood experiences, trauma, and toxic stress. Drawing on my experience working with individuals who have encountered complex trauma, including domestic violence and sex trafficking, I employ a trauma-responsive approach to sensitively tailor therapy to the unique challenges and healing processes of each client.

Holding Master's degrees from the University of Michigan and Liberty University, I specialize in integrating therapeutic expertise, psychoeducation, restorative practices, and Christian theology to address clients' unique needs and goals. I've helped clients enhance their well-being and improve relationship quality by integrating self-care and spirituality into their healing journeys. I am here to partner with you in cultivating a life that is fulfilling and purposeful.

My sessions are focused on you and your needs. I work closely with clients to cultivate a 'space of grace'—a place where you feel seen, supported, free from judgment, and full of empathy. I am here to partner with you, offering understanding, compassion, and the support you need for the healing you desire. I bring compassion, humor, and honesty, ensuring our path forward is human and heartfelt. Enjoy sessions in the serene setting of my Medspa facility or opt for the convenience of virtual therapy—your choice! I invite you to join me by booking a session today!

My Therapeutic Services

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